"Are You 'Dumb' Enough to Get More Sex Than Ever Before -- And Convince Her It Was HER Idea?"

"That's right -- you don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions..."

From: John Alexander

Praise for How To Be Her Best Lover Ever

(All the statements below are from actual emails I received from readers expressing their personal views about "How to Be Her Best Lover Ever.")

Just finished reading your book. I was able to bring my wife to a shuddering climax last night thanks to you!

Thanks for the advice,

Brian R., Iowa USA

I just wanted to tell you I read your book. You understand women very well!!!!!!

There was not one thing in your book I would disagree with, from a woman's perspective.

Julia C.

"I wish someone had told me this stuff as a teenager!"

Man, I'm not even finished with this book, and I've learnt a lifetime worth of stuff. Your sections on performance anxiety and your concept of premature ejaculation only are worth 100 times the cost of what I paid. Man, I wish someone told me this stuff as a teenager. Maybe then I would have had the balls to approach more women.

Thanks A Bunch,

Khari H.

"Our sex life has soared
to greater heights..."


Thank you so much. You have saved my relationship. Our sex-life has soared into greater heights than they have ever been. Not long after using your system to save my realationship I asked my g/f to marry me and she accepted. I owe you soo much.

Thank you again,

Matt R., USA

"...helped me tremendously!"


Just wanted to thank you very much for the incredible material you provide for your readers. When you said that "sex is the best glue in a relationship" you weren't lying! Performing cunnilingus on my woman with the techniques that you show in your program has made me a lover a HUGE notch above the other men my current girlfriend has dated (by the way she is VERY HOT!).

Adopting the behavior and the mindset of the Alpha Male has also helped me tremendously up to now, for I truly feel people are showing me more due respect than ever before... "Never be subservient to anyone ever again" as you say so well yourself.

Bottom line: show confidence in any endeavor and you get the girl. As simple as that! All in all, these are amazing systems that I have purchased and are well worth the price !

Again, Thanks for everything,

Matt V., USA

She loves the A-Z

Dear John,

Your book has given me some great new ideas in the art of love making. I have a lovely girlfriend and our sex life is even better since i used some of the skills in your book, especially the A-Z technique. She loves it.

Cheers, Olly

Olly M., Guernsey, UK

For sure I had extremely exciting sex after trying step by step of your formula. It works out very well. My partner has enjoyed sex better than ever before and she wonders where I have gotten the super skills.

Given S.

I have applied many of your teachings in my sex life and I'm very happy to say, IT WORKS!

Roberto V. Illinois, USA

Thanks John for a very helpful read -- we are thoroughly enjoying all your suggestions. It's a great ride when you are in-tune with each other!

Jen B., USA

Secure your copy now (immediate
private access)!

Dear Frustrated,

You're going to be shocked by this. I certainly was.

Recent surveys turned up some results that ought to worry you -- your woman is probably not getting what she needs from you sexually.

Sex Facts That Should Scare You:
  • A recent Redbook survey shows that 52% of women regularly fake orgasms.

  • Only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sex (Durex Global Sex Survey).

  • 43% of women report "some kind of sexual problem" -- like inability to achieve orgasm, boredom with sex, or total lack of interest in sex.

  • 80% of women surveyed say they would rather cuddle than have sex.

There are plenty of other disturbing facts and figures (you can do the research yourself if you like on Google). What's a guy to do? Why aren't women enjoying sex?

Why Your Woman Does Not Enjoy Sex
As Much As You Do

Heck, according to the numbers above, chances are she doesn't enjoy it at all. Does that sound like a recipe for a good relationship to you? And more to the point -- how much sex are you going to get if she doesn't even like it? And why doesn't she like it, anyway?

Well, it's pretty simple: she doesn't enjoy sex as much as you because it doesn't feel as good for her. How much sex would you want if you never even had an orgasm?

So if you want more sex from your woman -- if you want to start having a romping, bed-shaking, sweaty-sex-like-you've-never-had-before sex life -- you've got to learn how to give her orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.

Once you figure that out, you won't have to ask for sex. Trust me -- she'll be asking you. If you don't believe me, just try it.

Of course, there's the real trick: how do you give your woman orgasms? One thing's for sure: if she's not constantly bugging you to give her sex, whatever you're doing now is not getting the job done.

What Your Woman Desperately Wants From You…
But Is Probably Afraid to Ask Because
She Doesn't Want to Hurt Your Feelings

Like anything else, there are very specific, tried and true techniques to make a woman come.

As long as there is no physical or neurological problem, these methods work every time they're tried.

All you have to do is learn these methods and techniques, and use them. The best news is... the practice is a lot of fun.

As you continue reading this website, and learn how you can start using these sex techniques to bring your woman to a series of headboard-rattling orgasms, you'll begin to see a whole new world of sex opening up for you.

Now, before you start thinking you "already know" all the "tricks," ask yourself...

Are You 100% Sure That Your Woman
Is Satisfied With Your Sexual Performance?

One big clue is: who usually initiates sex? Is it her? Or...

If you're the one who usually suggests sex, you might have a problem.

And your partner isn't going to say anything because she loves you and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. But over time, if she becomes bored with having sex with you... how will she satisfy her needs? And she does have needs...

In that same survey I mentioned earlier, over 79% of the women said they masturbate at least twice a week. Did you know that?

What happens when masturbation is not enough?

Don't let your relationship deteriorate to the point where she goes looking for a stranger to get her sexual satisfaction -- do your job, be a man, and learn how to satisfy your woman!

The payoff is: you're about to get more mind-blowing sex than you've ever had in your life!

Four Stupid Sexual Myths

There are SO many myths about sex -- you just can't believe everything you read. And for sure you can't believe what your buddies tell you (tip: what your buddies tell you is mostly BS).

Here are the four most common myths about what makes for great sex (from the woman's viewpoint):

  1. Just Ask Her What She Wants. Most women don't even know what they want, because they've never been with a man who knows what he's doing. Think about it -- most men learn what they know from porno. And guess what... porno is made by men, to exploit the desires of other men. Not the greatest way to learn what women want, is it?

  2. Watch Some Porno Together. Not even close. Are you nuts? Porno is made for men. It exploits what men want from sex -- not what women want. Turning on the porn is the quickest way to turn off the woman.

  3. You Need To Become a Sexual Gymnast. Not necessary, and not effective. She doesn't want Gumby, and she doesn't want to be stretched out in all kinds of weird positions (yet!). She wants orgasms, plain and simple.

  4. You Need A Giant Penis. Absolutely not true! The reality check: having a big cock sure doesn't hurt. BUT... most guys with an average-sized cock can learn to be the BEST lover she's ever had.

In Less Than Two Hours... Sex Will Be
Better Than You Ever Dreamed Possible. Here's How…

If you want to know how to have incredible sex with your woman -- if you want to be the best lover she has ever had -- then you need to read every word of my ebook (it's a downloadable book), "How to Be Her Best Lover Ever."

It's a short guide (24,855 words) -- you can download it in less than 2 minutes, and you can read it in less than 2 hours.

I skipped all the "fluff," the "filler," and the "theory" that you find in most books.

I filled it with specific, step-by-step instructions on how to make your woman have an orgasm, over and over again, when the time is right.

This is not a book of technical jargon and theories -- this is a book of simple, step-by-step instructions on how to give her the best sex she's ever had.

Some Of The Sex Secrets You're About To Learn

  • The Mindset: once you have this clear and simple "mindset," the right techniques come naturally -- you won't have to remember a lot of complicated or esoteric techniques. (Page 11)

  • How to make her do what you want -- and she'll think it was her idea! (Page 52)

  • What lesbians know about oral sex that men don't -- and how you can use this knowledge to put your woman into sexual white-hot overdrive. (Page 67)

  • How to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it. (Page 79)

  • Come in under the radar with "PG-rated" techniques and get a woman aroused "innocently." (Page 15)

  • What a woman can fake, and what she can't -- and how you can tell. (Page 72)

  • Become a "Casanova of Kissing" -- heighten your pleasure and make sex easier, since kissing is a crucial part of foreplay. (Page 14)

  • Enjoy a better relationship with your woman -- she will love you more when you're better at pleasing her! (Page 8)

  • The one quality a man must have to attract beautiful women like a magnet -- women will overlook everything (weight, height, baldness, you name it) except this one thing... and any man can have it! (Page 20)

  • A complete map of the key hotspots on a woman's body -- learn the fingertip techniques that will have her tingling with sexual satisfaction. (Page 33)

  • Overcome performance anxiety by making simple -- yet revolutionary -- adjustments to the way you think about sex. (Page 32)

  • Make sex pleasurable again rather than something that causes you stress. (Page 23)

  • How to get her to swallow -- and love it! (Page 28)

  • Why the heart-pounding intimacy of great sex makes your relationship stronger than ever before. (Page 9)

  • Finally be confident about your body. Sexual confidence means more pleasure both for you and your woman. (Page 46)

  • Develop the one quality that will attract women to you no matter what you look like, no matter what your history with women, and no matter what your level of sexual experience. (Page 35)

  • How to receive oral sex -- yes, how you receive makes a difference! Learn to receive oral sex in ways that make it most pleasurable to the woman. (Page 25)

  • Dietary changes to make your ejaculate taste good to your woman in 12 hours. (Page 30)

  • The biggest fundamental difference in the way men view sex vs. how women view sex. If you don't know this, you'll never know how to please her. (Page 32)

  • Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. (Page 82)

  • Boost your body's natural production of testosterone with these simple health changes. (Pages 36-49)

  • How to become a master with your mouth when pleasuring your woman. (Page 56)

  • How to enjoy more powerful and frequent erections, experience a higher sex drive, and have sex more often -- without taking the "little blue pill." (Page 79)

  • Simple techniques to stop feeling worried or stressed about sex. (Page 24)

  • The 6 aphrodisiacs that really work -- no kidding. I cite the scientific studies and show you how and why they work. They've been proven time and time again, and the best part is that you can find them in any grocery store. (Page 50)

  • A simple and clear guide to the intricacies of a woman's anatomy, so now you and your woman will get more pleasure from the touch of your expert hands. (Page 54)

  • This simple change in your mindset eliminates the anxiety that sabotages a man's sex drive -- instead you'll have more pleasure than ever before. (Page 17)

  • An ancient secret from the Kama Sutra that will eliminate the doubt and self-sabotage a man has in the bedroom. (Page 24)

  • The "master techniques" to perform with your hands when pleasuring your woman. (Page 56)

  • When you know the right foods, you can jumpstart your own sex drive just by avoiding these foods and eating more of these (Page 42-43)

  • The #1 skill you can have for your woman to consider you to be her best lover ever. (Hint: it has something to do with how you caress her.) (Page 33)

  • Learn to enjoy the taste of a woman's vulva if you don't already. Almost every woman wants cunnilingus -- and is worried you don't enjoy it. When you learn to really love giving her head, she'll go crazy with pleasure! (Pages 58-59)

  • Easy techniques to last longer at cunnilingus and maximize the pleasure your woman feels. (Page 69)

  • How to use your finger to perform a simple technique to move your woman towards orgasm. (Page 71)

  • Learn this orgasm-inducing skill that most guys -- and even a lot of women -- don't even know about. (Page 64)

  • Become a master at intercourse itself -- and your woman will keep coming back for more and more. (Page 72)

  • How to get a seemingly endless variety out of sex with your woman -- and she'll love it. (Pages 73)

  • Learn the "master list" of sexual positions -- quickly and easily. (Pages 74-75)

  • How to give your woman "the orgasm to end all orgasms." She'll be devoted to you for life. (Page 76)

How This Book Is Different

Look, there are plenty of books, and CDs about sex and sexual techniques. Surely you've seen them on the store shelves, or you've seen the magazine ads. So why should you choose this book over any of those others?

Good question -- and I have a great answer.

This one is different. Here's why:

First, my book skips all the fluff and filler -- you get nothing but the step-by-step techniques and methods you need. That's all. Nothing else.

The things I teach you in my book are all tried-and-true, fully tested methods (sure, I know what you're thinking... the research must have been fun! And you are right...)

Second, my method is really about a man's internal mindset. What this means is that once you learn my simple Mindset Method, all the proper techniques will flow naturally.

Once you know my method, you won't have to "remember" or "think about it" -- you'll just do it naturally.

How Much Money Does It Cost?

Well, let's start with this: how much would you pay to go from Bedroom Buffoon to Sexual Stud in HER eyes?

How much would it be worth to know that SHE is watching you and licking her lips, thinking about how she can't wait to get you naked?


If you're like most guys, the answer is probably, "A lot."

Would it be worth $500 to you to know that almost overnight you can have your woman lusting after you, dreaming about more and more sex with you, shuddering in anticipation and anxious to rip her clothes off at the drop of a hat?

Of course you know that I'm about to tell you it doesn't cost $500... that's not what I'm asking you.

I'm asking you: if I could show you how to turn your woman into a lusty, trembling, white-hot sex machine who wants to please you and give it up as often as you want it... would that be worth $500?

You and I are men; we both know the answer is, "Hell YES!"

So when I tell you that I am only going to charge you $39.97 for my ebook -- and that you can be reading it 2 minutes from now (even if it's 2am!) -- you're going to just go ahead and order, right?

If you're still hesitating, maybe you think it's too good to be true. That's natural. That's why I offer my...

100% Guarantee

That's right, a 100% money-back guarantee -- and you don't even have to return the product.

I know, that sounds crazy.

But the truth is this: since you download this ebook, if you ask for a refund I have no way to "get the ebook back." In fact, some people will buy it with the full intention of getting a refund and ripping me off.

I don't think you'll do that, because I think most people are honest and good for their word. But here's my guarantee: take 60 days to read the book and try out my methods.

That's over 8 whole weeks to try out what I'm teaching you -- and you'll be able to read the book in two hours.

If at any time in that 60 days, you decide you want your money back, I'll give it to you, right away, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Plus, you'll still have the book. So you'll have the book and the money -- and I can't make the risk any lower than that!

I only make this crazy guarantee because I know that 99.9% of people will be honest and fair...

...and once you've tried what I'm teaching in this book, you'll find that your woman will be having one thundering, sweaty, trembling orgasm after another, that she'll be begging to give you oral sex, that she'll be eager to please you, that you'll be having more sex more often...

...and you'll realize that $500 would have been a steal of a price.

You will not ask for a refund.

It's Easy To Get The Book Right Now --
Here's What You Get

Imagine... you could be using the methods tonight. You can prove to yourself and to your lady that the methods in my book work.

Remember, you're about to learn sex secrets like these:

  • The Mindset: once you have this clear and simple method of thinking, the right techniques come to you naturally.

  • How to make her do what you want -- and have her think it was her idea!

  • The lusty secrets lesbians know about oral sex that men don't -- knowing this one secret will put your woman into sexual white-hot overdrive.

  • How to get endless variety out of sex with your woman -- and she'll love it.

  • The one technique that will instantly make you a better lover than 90% of all men.

  • Boost your body's natural production of testosterone with simple health changes.

  • Become a master with your mouth when pleasuring your woman.

  • How to enjoy more powerful and frequent erections, experience a higher sex drive, and have sex more often -- without taking the "little blue pill."
Plus, you'll get shocking specifics like:
  • Easy techniques to last longer at cunnilingus and maximize the pleasure your woman feels.

  • How to use your finger to perform a simple technique to move your woman towards orgasm.

  • Learn this orgasm-inducing skill that most guys -- and even a lot of women -- don't know about.

  • Become a master at intercourse itself -- and your woman will keep coming back for more and more.

  • How to give your woman orgasms so powerful, she'll be devoted to you for life.

Don't you want to know all these secrets?

Just click the link below, and in less than 2 minutes you can be reading "How to Be Her Best Lover Ever" on your computer.

Or just print it out for easy reading anytime, anywhere (but you might want to keep it where prying eyes don't find it -- after all we don't want everyone knowing this stuff, do we?).

Don't Make Up Your Mind Yet

I know you might still be thinking, "What if this just isn't right for me?" or similar thoughts.

Don't worry.

You don't have to decide right now.

Get the book, read it, try the methods, and only then decide. You've got 60 days to make up your mind.

Best Regards,

John Alexander

P.S. If you don't order my ebook and discover these transformational techniques -- what will change your results and your happiness about your sex life? (Don't wait 5 years and then look back and realize you should have gotten it!)

P.P.S. Getting this information is 100% confidential and discreet. Your credit card statement will show only "Clickbank.com" (a secure payment processor).

And it gets even better -- because you download this powerful information onto your computer, nothing gets mailed to you. That means there's no need to worry about anyone prying into your privacy.

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